A Framework to Approach Planning for Resilience
David Last, FahimYoussofzai

Security professionals do not have good tools for planning and managing complex systems that make states and communities function. Here we present a framework for thinking about resilience in the face of multiple, sometimes synchronous shocks which threaten stability, human and national security. We propose a framework beginning with the foundations of productivity, centered on the natural environment. Providers draw on these foundations, to supply food, shelter, transport, finance, policing, and so on, but governance plays a vital role in policy responses and preemptive planning. The framework identifies enablers and externalities that affect the continuity or security of complex systems. The value of the framework lies in providing ways to examine and communicate about the complex interactions that affect human and national security over time, as security professionals grapple with emerging threats such as climate change, population movements, and resource depletion.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/ppar.v2n3a1