The Policy Coordination of Taichung City Government: The Case of Promotion Office of Low Carbon City
Chang, Yan-Yi; Eric Rong-Yang Huang

A city has already played the main role in promoting low carbon. At present, as low-carbon policies are promoted in various countries in the world, they are also initiated by cities. In other words, a city as one of the main roles of promoting low-carbon activities is not only a subject of the public sector, but also requires the participation of enterprises, the public or even NGOs in the low-carbon affairs. Based on this background, this paper concentrates on Taichung City, because four “low carbon pilot cities” were selected in Taiwan in 2011, respectively New Taipei City, Taichung City, Tainan City, and Yilan County. Among them, Taichung City is the one with a rather developed scale. Furthermore, from the point of view of a low-carbon city, this paper would review the experiences and practices of foreign cities in promoting to be low-carbon cities. However, whether these developments can also provide Taiwan as references is also one of the concerns in this paper as well. Later, the low-carbon city historical development of Taichung City would be described in this paper, from which the newspaper information and secondary information would be quoted to discuss and analyze what the problems are for Taichung City in promoting to be a low-carbon city at present. At last, the conclusions of the paper would be presented.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/ppar.v3n1a1