The Development and Role of Taiwan’s Neighborhood Governance
Chang, Yan-Yi

In western countries, neighbourhood governance is a very important issue. However, in Taiwan, it has received little attention. This paper has reviewed relevant literatures, and founded that there were few studies on neighbourhood governance in Taiwan in the past and the main focus was on community governance and local governance. On the contrary, western countries have paid attention to participation in neighbourhood governance and operation of democracy. In the literature review, this study divides neighbourhood governance into three models: one is western style, another one is Chinese style, and the other is Taiwanese style. The Taiwanese style neighbourhood governance is still evolving, especially in a society with immigration of new immigrants. In this paper, in-depth qualitative interview was used to describe the current status of neighbourhood governance in Taiwan. During the interviews, it was found that the immigration of new immigrants would make the mode and operation of neighbourhood governance more different. In terms of a legal point, the design of Taiwan’s neighbourhood governance includes village and community development association. Finally, this paper presents relevant analysis and conclusion.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/ppar.v4n1a2