The Development Process and Efficiency Enhancement of the Modernization of Government Governance Driven By Big Data
Qiuping Ge, Jue Wang, Liang Dong, Wenhua Luo

The development of government governance modernization driven by big data is a further development and advance on the basis of e-government. The driving effect of big data on the modernization of government's governance capacity is reflected in the government's wisdom in public services and government services, and the improvement of social governance capabilities. However, the current government's attitude towards the use of big data is not as active and effective as that of the market and scientific research, and there are some phenomena that control is better than interaction in the internal application of the government. It needs to be self-adaptive in terms of institutional innovation, functional change, and multi-participation.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/ppar.v6n1a1