Good Jobs and Successful Reentry: The Chronic Problem of Unemployment with Returning Prisoners
Gautam Nayer, Ph.D; Luis Perez-Feliciano, Ph.D; Michael Adams, Ph.D.

Obstacles to steady and meaningful employment are something that the average American struggles and tries to hurdle over in normal times. With the stress of Covid-19 on display in the United States, extraordinary times mean extraordinary stresses for steady and meaningful employment. However, one group of Americans has always had enormous difficulties, no matter when they begin their job search: former prisoners. Most employers are hesitant and reluctant to provide steady and permanent employment to returning prisoners as there is a negative stigma associated with anyone who has served time in prison. Our research analyzes and discusses the historical background surrounding employment pre-release and post-release from prison.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/ppar.v8n2a1